Birthday Parties Hosted at our Barn
for an additional 75$ 

  • Due to the overwhelming guest at parties there is a limit on party guest per package.  The guest limit is 25 kids per party package.  If party guest (kiddos) exceed the limit, there will be a $10.00 charge added per each addtional child.
  • Mileage applies to each party of .75 cents per mile round trip.
  • There is a $ 50.00 non-refundable deposit that holds your date & time.
  • Final payment will be expected on the day of the event!

Critter Corral

This package includes 15-20 small animals contained in a wooden corral, with a few bales of hay inside for the kiddos to sit on.  The animals consist of rabbits, ducks, chickens, pot bellied pigs, goats, llama, mini pony or mini donkey, mini calf, and hand led pony rides.

The Birthday child along with guest will have the chance to hold, pet, brush, & feed, or bottle feed the smaller animals.   Each child will have a chance to enjoy hand led pony rides by our professional crew.  This is the most popular package!

This package is 450.00 for 2 hours

Furry Feathery Babies

This is a 1.5 hour party that consist of our smaller animals, or babies such as rabbits, ducks, chickens, mini pigs, & goats, contained in a wooden corral for the the kiddos to hold, pet, feed, & brush.

Included with this package is a small llama, mini pony, & mini cow.
This package is great for the little ones!

This package is 350.00 for 1.5 hours

The Little Ranchers 
Cockrills Mystical Unicorn

Depending on the age of the child, your Cowboys or Cowgirls can choose a small pony, welch pony, or a small quarter horse. Along with the pony we will send out a mini donkey, mini pony or llama that can be led by your child and groomed.

 Our newest package is the Mystical Unicorn, the girls love these parties!!!  Our ponies will come as unicorns, colored mane,  and ready to ride for that fairy tale adventure.

This Package is 350.00 for 1.5 hours

Rudy Roo Roo the Kangaroo

Have our Kanagaroo at your next event!  You will fall head over heals with these babies!  They have been bottle raised, & wear clothes & are very social!  They are extremely gentle, and have become very popular.

They have  been to many events, and are loved by all ages.  Rudy Rowdy, & Jimmy Roo love treats, and walk will walk on leash. There are not many chances in life to be able to have an hands, and play with a Roo.

Rudy, Rowdy, Jimmy Roo, & Tucker  are great for going to school events, & teaching the kiddos about his kind. We are always adding new Roos that are babies in pouches.  Our newest addition is Tookie Roo, & Carter Roo, and they love to be cuddled!

Rudy Roo Roo, Rowdy Roo, or Jimmy Roo 200.00 per hour 

Our Baby Roos, can be added to any party package for an additional 50.00

Cockrills Carousel

This is a 4 pony live carousel that is mobile.  This Carousel is fully enclosed for kid safety.  Give your party a carnival theme by using our carousel.  This is great for festivals, events,  & larger birthday parties!

The kiddos love this, and there is minimal waiting for a turn....
They are able to pick the pony they would like to ride.

400.00/2 Hour Minimun  

Cockrills Exotic Friends 

This Package consist of our Exotic Animals. Kangaroo, Camel, & Tortise. Your kids will love giving the Camels a Cookie Kiss! Our Roos are hand raised and extremely gentle. Along with this Package comes

Chickens, Rabbits, Ducks, Mini Calf, Miniature Pigs, Miniature Pony, Llama, & Miniature Goats.

This package is for 600. 00 for 2 hours